Making a WP-CLI Plugin

Messing around with wp-cli, it was fun to learn how to make a plugin … without a plugin.

Self Ghosted

No one said this was easy. And if they did, they lied.

Command Line Cleaning WP

Burn the land and boil the seas, I use CLIs to clean WP. My heavy handed, command line methodology to scrubbing the heck out of a WordPress install when I clean.

Deploying With Git

It may have taken me a year, but I’ve finally figured out that I was wrong the whole time, and using git to handle deployments isn’t impossible, it’s just different, and it can totally be scripted.

grep vs ack

Grep vs ack is like vi vs emacs. What tool you use is based on your comfort level. While I’ve been a grep-er for years, I just switched to ack, and I regret nothing.

Passwordless SSH

Everyone talks about it, this is how I setup passwordless SSH.

Command Line WP

Git’er Done! I sat and installed wp-cli on Friday and spent my Labor Day weekend messing with it.