How 17 Famous Website Looked In The Past: In The ’90s. You’ll Be Amazed | ImmatureBusiness

Remember those times in the ’90s when you had to type WWW. and websites looked dull, boring, and full of moving and annoying flash banners. I’m sure nobody wish to go back to those times. Now, websites are focusing more and more on the user experience, loading speed, and subtle ways to locate ads without distracting the… Read more about How 17 Famous Website Looked In The Past: In The ’90s. You’ll Be Amazed | ImmatureBusiness

Custom Post Types Are Not Posts

For WordPress, a Custom Post Type doesn’t mean what people seem to think it means. Even after a year, folks are still forgetting that the key phrase is ‘post type’ and not ‘custom.’

Don’t Use WordPress MultiSite

There’s a time and a place for everything and that’s WordPress. But there isn’t just one perfect answer to all things! If you use MultiSite, you should be doing it for the right reasons.

SSL Self Certification and WordPress

Part of being a safe webadmin means protecting myself from myself. And finally, after years, I’ve gotten off my tush to make SSL work on my WordPress installs, for both single and multisite.

All Subs Are Equal

In August, Google changed how their Webmaster Tools treat your subdomains. Will this grow to impact search engines? Not in Panda, at least.

Oversight and Responsibility

This is in response to the kerfluffel over Devpress’s desire to give away free membership to people who go to WordCamps.

TimThumb and the Pseudo (D)DoS Effect

The people scanning servers for the TimThumb script (in order to exploit it) aren’t actually performing a (D)DoS attack, but it can feel like it. You can limit their impact to your server with a bit of clever firewalling built right into CSF/LFD.