Get Support

I am not available for contract work.

I am not accepting new work at this time.

Plugin Support

If you’re looking for help with any of my published, public, plugins, please post in the WordPress Support forums or generate a pull request from GitHub. I get email alerts and will address them as soon as possible.

Individual customization requests or one-off changes are generally declined. My goal is to keep my plugins as simple and straightforward as possible.

Looking to Hire?

Here are people I suggest you hire if you need help. This is not a complete list, it gets edited as people change availabilities, and everyone is in alphabetical order, so it’s not to do with preferences.

WordPress Consultants and Freelancers

Bigger Companies

Got a bigger project? These companies and groups are worth the money, and do some of the best code around.

Theme Shops

There are very few theme shops I trust enough to buy their stuff. The rest are probably okay, but these I’ve bought themes from and would do so again.

Hosting Companies

Other Resources

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