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Risk exists in all things, and only by understanding can we create a better Internet for ourselves and the future. Write code that matters, be that to yourself or the world, but think about the worst things people can (and will) do with it…

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Mika (実佳) Ariela Epstein is better known as Ipstenu, the WordPress Half-Elf Rogue.

Passionate about code, open source technology, open data, and mindful development practices, Mika may watch a lot of TV but it’s for a good cause. You can find Mika travelling internationally to speak about the intersection of software, fandom, and humanism.

A unicorn with a rainbow horn on a bule background.

A lot of people like to say thank you for the time I volunteer in WordPress, the things I do, and just being me. People like that helped me change my career trajectory and move to California.

I do like coffee.

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