Project Bloat

Can we have a serious talk about project bloat? During the framework kerfluffle, I remarked that I hated seeing a 10 line plugin needlessly include a framework like CMB2 because of the size of plugin it created. Someone remarked that if the library helped them write something in ten lines instead of 100, wasn’t that… Read more about Project Bloat

The Awareness of Method

Being aware of how we speak (or type) to others is imperative in communication when you’re pretty much all remote.

Making Plugins Filterable

I’m really bad at thsi since, generally, I don’t know why people would want to with the plugins I make. Which means I don’t do it. Which means I didn’t know how. I have a plugin that records the IP address of users as they register and outputs it on the ‘show users’ page. It’s… Read more about Making Plugins Filterable

Apple Watch Faces

After close to a year with a watch, I’ve sorted out what kind of watch faces I like.

The Trouble With Libraries

The recent brouhahah with plugins and frameworks (and libraries) brings up serious problems and no perfect solutions.