Including Assets

Be mindful in your use of add-on packages to your code. Only use what you need, and leave the rest out.

Git The Master Race

I was working on a project, a side project for fun with a friend, and she expressed a slight worry. We weren’t using any versioning on our theme or mu-plugins code. Or anything else for that matter. There were three of us. We thought about using GitHub until I pointed out I had git on… Read more about Git The Master Race

jQuery Toggling

Just a quick toggling in jquery to show/hide some text.


Put on your hakama and play Karuta, WordPress style.


For everyone at WCSF who asked “How did you get your Spaces on Mac to have names?” here’s the answer. TotalSpaces 2, by Binary Rage, is “the ultimate grid spaces manager for your Mac” and they’re not wrong. It took me a long time to agree that I needed to utilize spaces on my Mac,… Read more about TotalSpaces