Mailbag: Multisite Caching

Do as much for your users so they don’t have to think or worry. And cache what you can catch safely!

iPad Mini

A little ditty about my iPad Mini and why I like it so.

Local Backups

Making regular backups on your own computer of your website isn’t just smart, it’s super smart. Here’s how I do it.


Saving time from compiling with RPM, yum, and scripts.

HSTS and Chromium

The canary rolled over dead and broke my site without a care in the world. Thankfully it was fixable, but this is a case where the bad error message was horrifying.

Reset the Net Gotchas

Yesterday we wanted to take back the net. Today let’s talk about some sticking points I have with it.

It’s a Piece of Cake

It’s a lie that everything is easy. Everything’s hard the first time, so we have to keep trying until it’s easy.