Ministry of Silly Plugins

Sometimes you have to look at what’s weird to understand how great a thing can be. Study and learn from the silly!

No Contact Information

A new card for a new era? Something like that. Moar card, less info. It’s logical, I swear!

A New Utility

Carrie Dils’ Utility Theme us everything I tried to do on my own, only better.

On Beyond Shared Hosting

Going beyond shared hosting is not simple, it’s not straight forward, and there is never one answer to magically know when you need to. Sorry.

Get Sassy

I’m a little on the fence about Sass still, but it’s time to get a little sassy and a little less grumpy about something new.

Don’t Say WordPress

Sometimes it’s WordPress, sometimes it’s not. And sometimes saying “WordPress” blinds everyone to the real problems.

eCommerce Dream

My dreams about a Multisite eshop where I no longer have to say “Today, there is no plugin that can share an inventory between WordPress sites on a Multisite Network.”