Why I Hate Facebook

It’s not the quality of content, but the way you have to beat your head against a way to get around that frosts my lizard.

Extending Chrome

For fun, profit, and perhaps a little tweaking of terrible websites, I’m using Chrome Extensions to make the web suit me a little more.

WPwatercooler – Multisite Edition

Multisite, multisite, multisite! Why is it always Multisite? Listen to me talk on WPwatercooler about Multisite, plugins, and other related shenanigans.

Command Line Cleaning WP

Burn the land and boil the seas, I use CLIs to clean WP. My heavy handed, command line methodology to scrubbing the heck out of a WordPress install when I clean.

Facebook: Scam Artist

Facebook stacks the deck against you if you’re trying to communicate with other people, which certainly seems odd for a social network.

SEO Slides Is A Pie

SEO Slides. Not entirely what I need, and possibly too expensive for what I’ll use it for. But still a really good plugin and service.

Email PopUp

Blame Chris Lema for diving into jquery, CSS, and a pop-up ad that isn’t a pop-up.


Torrenting is really easy. It’s also legal, depending on what you torrent.