Don’t Fear The Auto Update

WordPress Auto-Updates are not terrible, they’re not evil, and this comes from a woman with tinfoil in her hats. They’re okay by me.

Genesis: Static Nav Bar

No, it doesn’t come with Guinan, but you can have a sticky navigation bar as your site’s Ten Forward in two easy steps!

Writing Evil Code

Evil code I’ve written in order to help me teach people, but also to understand how evil is done.

WP Comments ReplyTwo

Creating a nested plugin solution for @replies and always-on-reply-links with some theme and plugin code.

Cloud Experiment

An experiment with CloudFlare as a cloud proxy service. I now understand it, and I can recommend it to certain people.

Censorship in Moderation

Not everything to do with technology means code. Curating a website means, often, you have to edit your content and your comments in order to foster the sort of relationship with your visitors that you desire. In doing so, are we censoring?