MySQL – my.cnf

Saving some manual labor with cron, bash scripting, and a config file.

Give Back Or Die

The greed in open source is the only thing I can see being it’s downfall. We must, all of us, contribute.

Changing How We Develop

Developing new code in an old way, Aaron Jorbin’s “WordPress Post Forking” looks to the future of how we take our software past hobby.

Entry Level Hosting

What kind of hosting do I need? How do I know which one is right? Let’s start by understanding what entry level is and is not.

WCPDX: Lightning Talk

Missed me in Portland? Watch “Rolling Your WordPress Support Character (Without Any Code)” right here, right now!

MeetWP: Troubleshooting

In the tripod of security, it occurs to me that I’m all three! WP Dev, Webhost, User. Jinkies! Watch me talk about security in a way you may not have heard before.

Retina Favicons

Time for a Favicon Reboot because of two words: Retina Display.

MP6uccess – Tips and Tricks

MP6 has moved from ‘This is really nice’ and into ‘I gotta use this’ territory with one simple addition: color themes.