How To Duplicate Content

A question I’m asked a lot is how can two sites have exactly the same content. While I really cannot fathom a good reason why, here’s how I’d do it.

What WordCamp SF Means to Me

Serendipity, enough coincidences to make half a season of How I Met Your Mother, and a life I wouldn’t trade for anything.

My Question is “You Suck”

Some help with handling those support questions that aren’t questions, and reviews that should have been support questions.

Review: DesktopServer

Finally installed DesktopServer. It’s a pretty neat thing, but depending on your workflow, maybe isn’t quite what you want. It works for me, so here’s my unsolicited review.

Upcoming Speaking Gigs for DreamHost and WordPress

WordCamp San Francisco – July 26-29 (“Don’t Use WordPress Multisite”) DreamCon – Aug 2-3 (“Choosing¬†WordPress Plugins” and “Get Out Of The Monkey House”) WordCamp Portland – Aug 10 (“Rolling Your WordPress Support Character (without any code)”) You get me twice¬†at DreamCon. Twice the elf for one low payment! I believe all these will be recorded… Read more about Upcoming Speaking Gigs for DreamHost and WordPress