Backwards Settings API

Rewinding an existing plugin to do things correctly involved a lot of me hitting my head on my desk out of frustration until everything was illuminated.

Anti-Social Competition

There’s room for more than one social media app. Stop competing by removing/restricting, and start being better.

Kick PageSpeed Up A Notch

If you’re using Apache and PHP 5.3 on your DreamHost domain, you have the magical power to enable Google PageSpeed. Just go and edit your domain and make sure you check the box for “Page Speed Optimization”: But what does that even mean, I hear you ask? PageSpeed is Google’s way to speed up the… Read more about Kick PageSpeed Up A Notch

CentOS and PHP 5.4

Sundays are for Coding for Me. This weekend I upgraded to PHP 5.4, which meant I had to reinstall my two favorite extensions and added a new one.

Don’t Tread On Me

Do Not Track is dying, and while I still think you should install it, this may be the time for more drastic measures.