I’ll be in Tybee!

There’s an upcoming WordPress Community Summit, and I’ll be attending! I was invited before I was employed here at DreamHost (who is providing lunch, yay!), so now I’m serving two purposes! The first is as a community support leader, and in that auspice, I plan to represent the common user. The second is as DreamHosts’s… Read more about I’ll be in Tybee!

Auto Multisite Registration

Join or die! Adding users to multisite, when you want your site-admins not to have to work all the time, just got easier.

grep vs ack

Grep vs ack is like vi vs emacs. What tool you use is based on your comfort level. While I’ve been a grep-er for years, I just switched to ack, and I regret nothing.

Instagram oEmbed

More of an example on how to do embed, but useful for some.

phpMyAdmin vs CMS

By ‘CMS’ I mean WordPress, Drupal, whatever. So here’s a funny. I moved my DreamHost site to a VPS, so I could learn nginx (I’m still a newb) and suddenly I couldn’t get to my phpMyAdmin anymore! Before someone says it’s DreamHost’s fault, this is actually due to how I installed subdomains (which I don’t… Read more about phpMyAdmin vs CMS