Encrypted Search Terms

I haven’t seen a lot of people kvetching about this, which surprises me. If you like to look at JetPack’s stats and happen to giggle over your search terms, you may have noticed encrypted_search_terms showing up. Your search terms are what other people use in order to find you. So for example, someone found my… Read more about Encrypted Search Terms

Passwordless SSH

Everyone talks about it, this is how I setup passwordless SSH.

WordPress Multisite Subdomains Without Wildcards

The easiest way to run a Multisite network with subdomains is to use wildcard subdomains, because they’ll automagically map anything.yourdomain.com to yourdomain.com and WordPress will in turn translate that for you. When you’re on shared hosting, you can’t do that. But don’t worry! If you’re willing to do it manually, every time you have a… Read more about WordPress Multisite Subdomains Without Wildcards

Subdomains, WordPress and nginx

This should be obvious, but I’m not familiar with nginx, so it wasn’t. I added trunk.elftest.net as a separate subdomain (rather than Multisite)¬†because¬†I wanted it to run trunk and not impact anyone else. The way that DreamHost works, is you have a separate folder for your nginx configurations, called nginx, and it lives off your… Read more about Subdomains, WordPress and nginx

Contact Form 7 and Anti-Spam

DreamHost has a fairly simple anti-spam policy, which can be summed up as this: You cannot send email from an address that isn’t your domain. If that was greek to you, don’t worry. What that means is that my WordPress blog here can only send emails as elftest.net. That poses a small problem if you’re… Read more about Contact Form 7 and Anti-Spam

The Self-Perpetuating Myths

G.R.O.S.S. didn’t work for Calvin, and it won’t work for us either. Are we discriminatory because we’re actually racists, or do we only look that way from the outside?

Command Line WP

Git’er Done! I sat and installed wp-cli on Friday and spent my Labor Day weekend messing with it.