SVN up your install on Lion

Using launchd instead of cron on a Mac is a brain tickler sometimes, especially if you’re used to cron!

Community Driven Design

While we all design open source, there’s a point at getting in on the changes and it’s not beta testing. Testing begins earlier, and your responsibility depends on who you support.

Smart Servers

Smart Servers are the new buzzword. A server that is semi-cloud-like, but still it’s own master. What does it mean? Is this just another flash in the pan? I’ve decided to buy into it.

SEO Doesn’t Auto Post Anymore

Autoposting doesn’t help anyone, not a business and not your personal blog either. Take the time to make it count, or don’t do it at all.

GPL Freedoms – Yep, Porn’s Good!

You may not like it, you may find it distasteful, but it’s perfectly acceptable, license wise, to use certain products for anything you want. Just don’t break the law.

BuddyPress Overkill

Ask and ye shall receive. Why you shouldn’t use BuddyPress is a lot harder to answer, since it’s actually really useful for a lot of weird things!