WordPress 3.1 and Network Menu

Do you have a plugin for use on WordPress that makes a menu? Is it BuddyPress or Network related? You need to read this right-freaking-now. Do not pass GO, do not collect $200. WordPress 3.1 will make your menus vanish!

Make An RSS Powered Email List

Want to feed your email list from an RSS feed without having to rely on things like FeedBurner or MailChimp? With rss2email and some savvy, you totally can!

Failure of Imagination

It’s an accepted fact that all code will, at some point in time, break. The Open Source community is plagued with this problem, but it’s not endemic just of them. Software aging and rare conditions cause failure in all software.

Blocking IPs – Don’t

The short-short version of this is “No, I’m not going to re-write my plugins to BLOCK IP addresses. It doesn’t help.”

Don’t Fear Wandering Off Topic

Bill Engvall’s wife commented that he wanders off topic, and sometimes you have to suffer through ‘Bad Weiner Day’, but eventually he’ll get to the point. The point here is that you shouldn’t be afraid to wander off topic.