What is Cloud Hosting?

This came up because I’m considering moving to cloud hosting. I don’t have to, yet, and since it’d cost me an extra $25 to $30 a month, I’m not planning on it just yet. (Actually, it would be pretty much WHAT I pay now, if I drop cPanel, which is an extra. But for the… Read more about What is Cloud Hosting?

Hotlink Protection

Hotlinking is putting a link to someone else’s webpage’s graphic on your site. This is also called bandwidth theft. Directly linking to a website’s files (images, video, etc.) means that when someone accesses your website, they draw bandwidth from another. If you use an IMG tag to show a picture from someone else’s page on… Read more about Hotlink Protection

Child Themes – Learn them, love them

If you’re using an unmodified theme, this is something you’ll never need to worry about. But if you’ve made one, teeny tiny, change to a theme, then you need to consider Child Themes.