The WebSVN Alternative

Now that SubVersion is up and running, I decided to make it visible to others via WebSVN. The only reason I’m using WebSVN, which is really cool, don’t get me wrong, is because I can’t get mod_dav_svn and the default apache stuff working with my server. Go to and you can see my web-version… Read more about The WebSVN Alternative

Struggling with SubVersion

After some twittering with Mark Waterous, we decided that I probably had an out of date version of SVN. This is not a surprise. My server is CentOS, and they have this weird ‘core’ plugin repository that basically says ‘whatever version of a package we release your OS with is the version you get’. It… Read more about Struggling with SubVersion

SubVersion Woes

This is NOT about how to get a SubVersion repository up and running on your server (if you already have SubVersion). I wish it was.