Speed Up Your Site

Making your site run faster, when you don’t have access to the root of your server, is hard, but not impossible.

You Don’t Need Any Plugins

There is no plugin I have to have for a WP site. I can do without all of them, if I wanted. But I understand the difference between wants and needs.

WHOIS Tells All

WHOIS you think you’re fooling? No one. WHOIS well tell you who runs a site. Sometimes. If you’re lucky.

Duplication Dillution

Duplication of Data Does Dangerous…. I ran out of D’s but you get the idea. It’s bad. Don’t do it. Don’t split the party.

Simply Complicated

The tl;dr for this post is that I don’t like Tumblr, and find it a clunky, poorly supported psudeo-blog and you should use something else.

Large Files Don’t Move Well

Half essay, half nerdy. Why large files don’t move well, some alternatives and options, and why this killed MegaUpload.

SOPA Blackout

Stop SOPA and use your .maintenance file to do it!


Yourls? Myurls! It’s easy, it’s painless and it works.

Said It Once Before But It Bears Repeating

It’s not a problem with thinking, but a problem with understanding and lack of knowledge that causes repetition. If you don’t know exactly what you want, it’s hard as hell to ask for it.

Community Driven Design

While we all design open source, there’s a point at getting in on the changes and it’s not beta testing. Testing begins earlier, and your responsibility depends on who you support.