Recently Registered

This plugin adds a new, sortable, column to the users lists, which shows the date they registered. This works just like it does on WordPress MultiSite, only for Single Site!


Latest version: Download Recently Registered v3.3 [zip]


No special instructions.


Q. Why is the field blank?
A. Because some other plugins are _doing_it_wrong(). When they created their column, they forgot to have the filter return the previous content, if it’s not their column, so it’s removing it. Since my plugin’s doing it right, I gave it a higher priority to stop that from happening in most cases.

Q. Will this work on older versions of WordPress?
A. Not anymore. This ONLY works on WordPress 3.1 and up.

Q. Does this work on MultiSite?
A. No, and you don’t need it! This is built in to Multisite.

Q. Does this work on BuddyPress?
A. Yes!

Q. Why doesn’t this check for Stop Forum Spam anymore?
A. Overlap. After a lot of testing, I determiend that Ban Hammer does this better and cleaner. So if you need that sort of thing, use the right tool.

Q. Why did you remove the separate page?
A. Becuase it was redundant. If you can sort it all on one page, why not do that?



  • 19 December 2014, by Ipstenu
  • PHP Strict standards adhered to. Note, this had no bearing at all on the functionality of the plugin. It worked fine.


  • 06 Nov, 2013 by Ipstenu
  • Fixed regression introduced by get_date_from_gmt() being used wrong. (thanks mayuxi)


  • 21 Oct, 2013 by Ipstenu
  • Fixed localization and date_i18n()’ing (thanks, ssjaimia)


  • 17 Jan, 2013 by Ipstenu
  • Added in time to display (per request of razorfrog)


  • 16 Jan, 2013 by Ipstenu
  • Moving everything to it’s own class.
  • Changing priorities to stop other plugins from stomping on me.


  • 17 June, 2012 by Ipstenu
  • Per suggestion by Emanuel GómezMiranda, plugin uses your localized date!


  • 17 April, 2012 by Ipstenu
  • 3.4 okay, fixing URLs, readme formatting, donate links.


  • 04 October, 2011 by Ipstenu
  • Removing unused code
  • Cleanup for 3.3
  • Licensing clarifications.


  • 09 March, 2011 by Ipstenu
  • Rewrite the whole flippin thing.
  • Removed Stop Forum Spam
  • Removed need for extra page
  • Made sortable (thank you, 3.1!)


  • 12 July, 2010 by Ipstenu
  • Cleanup of code, making it tighter etc.
  • StopForum Spam check (which has been around for a while) is documented
  • DO NOT use this on MultiSite


  • 19 October, 2009 by Ipstenu
  • Typo in function caused the plugin epic fail.


  • 16 October, 2009 by Ipstenu
  • Added in comment count to page.
  • Added option to change recent number from 25 to whavever you want.


  • 01 May, 2009 by Ipstenu
  • Removed the since code (it wasn’t working) and replaced with a short date.


  • 30 March, 2009 by Ipstenu
  • Moved to a sub-folder
  • Formatting the list to be nicer.


  • 27 March, 2009 by Ipstenu
  • Initial version.


  1. recently-registered screenshot 1

    Sample output

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