For everyone at WCSF who asked “How did you get your Spaces on Mac to have names?” here’s the answer.

TotalSpaces 2, by Binary Rage, is “the ultimate grid spaces manager for your Mac” and they’re not wrong. It took me a long time to agree that I needed to utilize spaces on my Mac, but as I started to want to isolate windows to concentrate (and turned off a lot of notifications), I realized that everything in one ‘space’ wasn’t a great idea.

I sat down and broke out my spaces into what I frequently do:

  • WordPress
  • DreamHost
  • coding
  • writing
  • being social
  • watching movies

There is some overlap of apps, but in order to make my life easier, I use Chrome for DreamHost and Chromium for ‘WordPress’ (i.e. me) with separate user accounts in Chrome(ium). That way they can sync between users. I made eight spaces and assigned various apps to only open in those spaces, which is why my screen bounces between spaces when I boot up my laptop. This works fine for me, I just don’t look at it for the 4 seconds it takes for an SSD to boot.

Allocating what apps open where

The only issue that remains is that sometimes I want multiple apps in multiple spaces, like a web browser. I have Chromium set to ‘Ipstenu’ but I also want it over in my IRC/Slack window, so I can poke things while I talk in meetings. Right now I just tossed one browser window over there, but I wish I could designate an app to be in only two specific spaces at a time.

I do keep some apps, like BBEdit, set to ‘all spaces’ for that, but that makes it a little weird as it means that window is open in all spaces. The alternative to that is ‘none’ which I use for iTerm2 to have an SSH window for each space.

TotalSpaces2 has a free trial, so I advocate people test it and use it to see if it helps their flow. It made mine perfect for my brain, which was the most important thing for me.

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