Not the most flattering picture of me...
Not the most flattering picture of me…
One of the projects I’ve been involved with since I started here at DreamHost has been a secret. Actually two of them were, but we released one already. Anyway. The one we pushed today is DreamPress!

What is DreamPress? Here’s marketing:

What is DreamPress? That’s a good question! Think of WordPress. You got it? Cool. Now, think of that WordPress install, but on steroids! Picture it running on a specialized, optimized, virtual private server. Yeah, this is far from your average WordPress hosting package, isn’t it? DreamPress comes pre-configured by our in-house WordPress experts for maximum security and performance under traffic load. This is our call-out to all entrepreneurs, website designers, developers, and bloggers to give it a test-drive today!

And here’s me:

If you did your job really well, one day you woke up to a downed website becuase you swamped it with traffic. I’ve been there, you’ve been there. There’s a point where your host reaches out to you and says “Honey, sweetie pie, you’re too big for shared hosting.” And as horrible as this is, it’s a good thing! You’re popular! Of course you’ll try caching and changing themes and plugins, but there’s just that moment when, damn it, you’ve got to step up and go up to a VPS.

And you know what? A VPS is scary. I started this blog when I got my VPS because I wanted to learn how to manage it. But you see, I’m weird. I know it, you know it, that’s okay. I’m strange and I like me, just the way I are, and this works for me. It doesn’t work for everyone, so when you find yourself faced with something new and different, maybe you don’t want to learn it. Maybe it’s not your thing. So looking at that VPS is a great big bag of nope.

Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 3.37.07 PMThis is where managed hosting steps in. Hosts take on the job of managing your server. We handle upgrades (which yes, we do anyway), but we also optimize and customize the server. All the times you hear me talk about ‘Edit your httpd.conf’ or ‘installing PageSpeed…’ is something we’ve already done for you. Need more memory? We’ll take care of it without bothering you. It’s a VPS without the responsibility. PHP memory, server power, even caching is taken care of. Oh yes, you no longer need any caching plugins, because we’ve got Varnish in front for you.

Of course, this isn’t perfect for everyone. Hard-core code jockeys may want that VPS (or dedicated) to play with the nuts and bolts, install extra add-ones, and just go to town. But if that isn’t for you, come check out DreamPress. I promise we’ll have a magic button to migrate things soon!

Nifty articles on DreamPress:

I know there are a lot of hosts out there. I work for one, I use others, and I think the more of us who get into this supporting the app that needs supporting, the better experience for everyone. Bring it on, baby!

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  1. customer since 2007. crazy how long it’s been. !

  2. Smart move for DreamHost, and congrats on being employed there:) Makes perfect sense for a host to offer this in order to compete with the WP managed hosting companies. Again, nice move and congrats!

    …and please don’t think this too cheeky of me, but I noticed that image of you up there has a lowercase “p”…must be a screen of Britain-based video or something?


  3. Yay!!! I always wondered what that Internet thingy was all about! Now I can check it out!

    p.s. Here’s a short post I made about the capital “P”…

  4. Very cool what’s going on at DreamHost. If I didn’t already have WPEngine going for myself, I’d definitely consider this for my own stuff. Or maybe in the future if I decide to do a 2nd blog that I want to take to the sky, I’ll consider this also. I do still maintain my DH account afterall πŸ™‚

    • I have to admit, the draw for High Level Nerds is less than the draw for people like … my Dad. Me? I still want root and to play games with the server. But I totally get that people aren’t me, they don’t want to learn to speak server, and that’s cool too.

    • Well yes but not always. If you can put your clients or even certain personal projects on a system that is solid and won’t need to be messed with under the hood, it might be good not to have the opportunity to play games there. Sometimes I have to slap my own hands. πŸ™‚

    • “Hey Mika, how many times have you crashed your own server by playing with it?” πŸ˜›

      Yeah, my ‘seriously, these should never go down!’ sites may be migrating as time goes by. Right now half my sites are there.

  5. Sounds great, but I see no information to indicate capacity and the point at which you need to pay more (how much more?) to scale up your resources. An interface screenshot or two would be nice as well. And can it handle multisite, or multiple installs of WP? How many domains?

    What’s great about hosts like WPengine and others with responsive, informed sales teams is they will tell you up front what the approximate ceiling is on uniques per day and concurrent users at a certain service level.

    • Multiple installs – No. We’re VERY clear there, you get one install of WP per DreamPress instance.

      Multisite – That one is trickier. Right now? No. You can do SubFolder instances, but we have not added in support for Subdomains or Mapped Domains.

      This is our open Beta. Right now, we don’t have an upper limit, because we need to see how the real world is using it. We can give you our best guesses based on everythiing we have on our servers, but lets be real here, we don’t know who is going to want this and what their usages will be. We’ve given it the old college try, and now we’re in a beta to see how spot on we are. Will their be tiers? Maybe. Maybe not. DreamHost customers aren’t the same as WP Engine or Synthesis or ZippyKid πŸ™‚ We all have slightly different bases. And that’s cool, since it means what we end up customizing at DH may be very different than WP Engine.

      tl;dr: We’re not watching your uniques per day or concurrent users. We’re going to watch CPU and memory and see where the real-world baseline is.

    • Sorry I missed that, but I guessed it was one per. I like the sound of this and may have to come up with a reason to test it out. πŸ˜‰

    • If you do, keep up the feedback! I know it’s welcome πŸ˜€ I mean, I welcome it!

    • Oh, and thank you!

      I’m passing on a lot of this to Marketing/Dev/one-up-from-me management, because things that are clear to us in our heads are not always clear out there. It’s REALLY important to me (and us) to get this info right now in beta. People want to know more about specs and multisite and will there be tiers. That’s what we’ll talk about in tomorrow’s standup πŸ™‚

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