In case you missed it, I spoke Saturday, August 4th, at WordCamp San Francisco. I had 15 minutes to talk and was asked to talk about the community, getting involved, and that sort of thing. Knowing there was a short time, I decided not to do slides, and instead wrote ten 3×5 cards with my notes. I’m kind of a badass that way.

The video should be up online in a little while, and I’ll embed it here, but for now, here are my cards.


  1. Getting Involved: Log On, Jump In, Help Out
  2. I volunteer for WP. Forum mod, Ideas org/despamming, plugins, Make support (lead thingy)
  3. Instead of talking about me, I want to explain why you, the community, are important. Encourage you to jump in and help out.
  4. What is the community? Writers/Bloggers, plugin/theme devs, people who dream in code, all of us.
  5. Giving back helps. What’s the point of WP? Part of good software is how it works, and the community is the embodiment there of. Without us, it’s nothing.
  6. Why should I help? Becuase you know and they don’t. Because you will learn more. Becuase you will be inspires.
  7. How can I help?
    1. Write Questions: use WP, come back with questions & suggestions
    2. Answer Questions: help out with those Qs! Learn what happened and why
    3. Fix things: Educate, code, educate!
  8. But … I don’t know the answers. They’re mean. They’re stupid/arrogant/ignorant. They’re impatient.
  9. No one is more important. No users == less inovation. No devs == less change.
  10. Just do it! You were new (we aren’t born knowing). There are no stupid qustions. Be patient (everyone). Make WP Better.

There you go! When the video’s up, I’ll elaborate more, and comment on what I was thinking (other than ‘don’t rush’ and ‘don’t puke’). I did suggest people answer five questions for every one they ask, since you guys are smart cookies and I know you can bang out five easy questions in 30 minutes. Half an hour. I promise it’ll make you feel better.

Also the video has an extra secret Passover joke.

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