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Introducing WordPress Multisite 110

I promised a sequel and I delivered. I hope you guys find it helpful. The sequel is out, and it’s longer than the original. Weighing in at over 80 pages, WordPress Multisite 110 has even more information about WordPress Multisite!

Why a sequel and not a second edition? There were more things to add than a few extra plugins. Branching into a little more philosophy and explanations to the whys, Multisite 110 hopes to be the second handbook you’ll need. The funny thing is most people who read my site regularly don’t need this at all. But your clients might. Imagine being able to hand that off to them saying ‘I’ve got you started, here’s how you can make it epic.’

Oh yes, with a Creative Commons release, you can pass this on to your clients as you like. I won’t stop you, just don’t sell it to them. If you want to get into the shenanigans, you can bill them for it, but not sell it. Yeah, licenses will kill us all one day. Speaking of licenses, there’s code in this one, and it’s all under GPL2 (most of it’s also on this site already).

What’s not in it? Deep diving into the database. Fixing everything… There’s no way to cover everything. This one gets into the machinations of how you make a multisite where everything looks the same, or where your admins aren’t admins at all. Favicons? Got that covered too! The White Page of Death? How to figure out what plugin you want? Man, you know I got your back! Backups, control, security, uploads… the list isn’t endless, but there’s a lot going on.

Check out WordPress Multisite 110

The post title of ‘Electric Boogaloo’ comes from a movie that came out in 1984: Breakin’ Two: Electric Boogaloo. All sequels should have that sub-title

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  1. Giving it a quick read while I try to migrate WP Multisite from subdomain to subfolders structure!
    I notices this part
    on page 75.
    You might want to add something similar as Hostgator Business keeps telling me Subfolders are unavailable.
    Maybe because I am using a Cpanel app to install wordpress?

    • That HostGator doesnt allow wildcard subdomains doesn’t surprise me. A lot of shared hosts can’t easily allow everyone to use wildcard domains (the ghosts file is a hoot).

      That they don’t allow subfolders, however, is a surprise. Are you sure they said you can’t have Multisite with subfolders, specifically? I’ve never heard of anyone having that problem, and it’s from folks like you that I learned about most of those issues.

    • This is the message I get when I activate multisite in hostgator business after having used the QuickInstall app in cPanel

      Sub-domain Install Because your install is not new, the sites in your WordPress network must use sub-domains. The main site in a sub-directory install will need to use a modified permalink structure, potentially breaking existing links.

  2. Yes just verified this.
    By installing WordPress manually it offers both options.

    Addresses of Sites in your Network

    Please choose whether you would like sites in your WordPress network to use sub-domains or sub-directories. You cannot change this later.

    You will need a wildcard DNS record if you are going to use the virtual host (sub-domain) functionality.

  3. Ok double verified.
    Using Fantastico De Luxe not only do you get to choose subdomain or subfolder, but the htaccess file is created automatically when you first install WordPress. So it is best to warn users to stay way from QuickInstall in cPanel

    • Well.. I do in Multisite 101 😉

      Always install WP manually if you want to use Multisite. It will give you some good experience in how the pieces are related, which you may need later on.

  4. I’ve been told both ways by the gurus at GoDaddy! I have a plain html site and want to incorporate a multiuser blog into it. I have problems with the install as well as index.htm and index.php both being in the root. The .php wants to override the .htm at startup. I renamed index.php to home.php and changed my htaccess file but it’s still broken. I’ve now gone back to square one and would like help before I go any further.

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