My friend Trepmal loves Since she touts it, I decided I should try it.

What I Had To Do

Generally I use Spotlight to search for things. I type in ‘Transmit’ and hit enter and there it is. To make myself use the alt-spacebar of Alfred, I knew I had to hide that from my menu bar. Thankfully, that’s pretty easy. Run these two commands in and the magnifying glass is gone:

$ sudo chmod 600 /System/Library/CoreServices/Search.bundle/Contents/MacOS/Search
$ killall SystemUIServer

Now I start to move the mouse up there, see it go, and know to alt-spacebar it.

What I Like

It’s fast and it’s versatile!

What I Don’t Like

One of my (few) issues with it is Growl. I just don’t like Growl. There’s something about how it pops up that bangs away at my ADHD/OCD nature and makes it harder to pay attention to anything. Instead, I like apps that change color in my doc, or on my menu bar (think how the Twitter icon goes blue when you have something to pat attention to). That catches my eye in a non-demanding way, which is what I need most of the time. When I need pop-up replies, or audio/visual alerts, each app (Skype or my IRC app) has settings I can refine to give me just what I need.

Sadly, some of’s code needs Growl to pop up and alert me of things. I wanted a whois extension, so I could type in ‘whois’ and get back ‘That’s foo in blah.’ All the extensions I found use Growl. Trepmal asked me what I’d rather use, and I said “I really don’t know.” And I don’t. A terminal window would probably be fine, but the problem is Growl really does fit the bill here. It pops up, you click and it goes away, and it’s not another app running.

Still, everything else about it I really like. Once I solved my (silly) problem with not showing contacts, which was entirely my fault, I’ve been having a blast.

Right now, I’m using it instead of spotlight. I’ve started using the basic calculator, and I picked up the Power Pack for more goodies.

Suggestions for how best to use it? Lay it on me!

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  1. How about modifying one a Growl style so that it doesn’t show anything, and setting the Rollup time to 0 seconds, so all messages basically go straight to Rollup?

    • I actually don’t even know what the roll up is, and it wouldn’t solve the ‘problem’ I have with it and Alfred. I just want a ‘this is whois foo!’ to show up, and go away. But nothing else from growl. Too much a pain in the ass to disable it all.

      I mean, I may as well wait for Notification Center at this rate 😉

    • What about using Visor/TotalTerminal for whois?

      If you want to stay with Alfred you could remove your current Growl install, how about building your own Growl with a different name. Then just when Alfred goes ‘where the heck is Growl?’ point it at your special version.

    • I use terminal/Network thingy (I forget the name for it) right now.

      I suppose I could teach Alfred a fake Growl (Mrowl?)… Hmmm.

  2. You could just set per-application settings in the Growl settings, but then you wouldn’t have any Alfred notifications at all. I finally had to turn off Growl notifications for Cyberduck because my screen would get spammed with every Bonjour network available everytime I started it up.

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