How about a (mostly) pluginless solution?

I don’t use the Dashboard on my Mac, I’ve never really gotten the hang of the widgets and I just don’t like ’em. If you happen to use FunctionFlip to turn that off, you get ‘Application Window’ instead, which boggled me even more. What good was this? But I do like LaunchPad because I can sort through my apps really fast. Like many of you, I saw the fixes using Function Flip and Quicksilver, and hated the idea of running multiple apps to do something.

You don’t need any!

This is a two step process that requires you to go into System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts.

Click on Mission Control

Double Click on the F4 to the right of Application Windows and the field will become editable. I changed my to Apple-F4:

Then go to to Launchpad and Dock

Check the box by Show Launchpad and that will make the option editable. Press F4 and you’re done!

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